350Z 370Z Rear Drive Swap Subframe

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This is our our toughest rear drive setup yet, utilizing the newer R200’s from 350/370z’s and G35/G37's. Perfect for 2JZ and V8 swap cars, it includes a T-Bar supporting the diff's nose and rear cover. We suggest you order this one raw if you plan on fitting it with the stock gas tank and no spacers. We include 1” aluminum spacers for those who don’t want to take a sledge hammer to their stock gas tank - if you do go that route, it should be possible to fit without spacers. Of course a fuel cell fixes this problem as well.

We also offer a full rear knuckle replacement that use 370Z hubs.

Powder coating: For custom colors, check out www.prismaticpowders.com. Getting powder coating through us will add another week to your order as this is not an in-house operation. If you choose a custom color, please make a note of what color you would like during check out.