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We have developed fabricated knuckles that will be the envy of new marketplace!

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Update we have built the knuckles and are on the final stages of finish milling and prepping to ship this has been a long road we will have a few for sale some first come first serve. Thank you for your patents everyone this has been a big ordeal and for preorder guys i thank you this has been growing experience for us at TSS

We have developed fabricated knuckles that will be the envy of new marketplace. We want to bring a stronger lighter and most of all cost effective pair of high end geometry correction knuckles.

Thes knuckles will be constructed of Docol 15% stronger than 4130 and dose not have heat affected zones!

This knuckle fits stock Sti rotors and calipers and will let you bolt on your stock dust shield as well.

This knuckles will be lighter by about 2.5 lbs + pr side and will move your ball joint mount down by 1.5 inches and your steering options will be stock too 5 inches down in 3 positions to fit any off set or ride height you would like.

You are buying one of 8 spots for a better deal than the rest. This will be a one time price for the first 8, we will be working on a simple abs solution, this will be a tone ring and a bracket that will go on your sti or wrx inner cv and have a bracket to mount to the trans. This will be added later or work with some customers for this solution. But for now the knuckle will not have any abs option.

The options we have for this first run will be steering distance stock with drift mounts included or a shorter version that will have the two inner mounts for the angle.

The last option are the welding process you would like on your parts Mig gun welding Tig welded or you can do your won welds we will tack the part together for you.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 8 in
International Shipping

No, Yes


Tig, Mig, I can weld thank you

Steering arm

Stock and high angle, High angle only

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