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Front frames will be shipped in no less than 2 weeks and under a week is our goal. If more time is needed we will be in contact and full refunds are not an issue. If you need sooner please contact we hope to carry stock on hand but with the new part development this might not always be the case.

We have had some issues in development with clearances, while many are sorted some will come up depending on your motor set up and engine mounts. If you are building an extreme Subaru we warn you that this does not always cooperate with every aftermarket part, you will need to be capable of remedying these issues.

The frame is about 15 lbs less than stock STI depending on the options you select when you order, everything on it will be the same just a lot stronger. Look through our photos, these frames have lots of welds making many tube junctions in to I-beam sections, this frame is ungodly strong. We have had many people weld more and more mounts on to our raw frames for arrow or skid plate mounts.


Powdercoating; we hope to provide a wide range of colors and options for you. This option will add $100, that’s for any color we have on hand or you may provide it. Colors that take more than one coat will cost an additional $50 per added coat

Jack-plate; if you want it, you want it we are not going to argue! This is not a skid plate for rally, just some reinforcement and place for jack to life your car up if you don’t have arrow or skid plate in the way.

For NASCAR front frames please contact us.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 7 in
International Shipping

No, Yes


No, Yes

Jack Plate

No, Yes ($200)