Rear Drive 350z 370z Subaru Subframe


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This product is running in many drift, 2JZ, and V8 conversion cars and has proven itself well. This will be the best rear drive product we have produced to date. Included in this conversion is a rear drive frame and a t-bar for added rigidity. The Nissan option uses the newer r200 from g35 350z 370z. They have there own odd cover and large ears making this frame harder to build high and tight into the car. This is yet another frame that we suggest you order raw as it will take some finesse and customization while installing. If you are running the stock gas tank the rear frame along with the t-bar will need some spacing. Unless your inclined enough to take a sledge to the tank in a few spots. F*** it! We did!

We have discontinued the hubs as they were causing problems, however there are still options. DSS has the parts to finish your swap or you can get your own 350z hubs turned down to fit sti bearing. We also offer a full rear knuckle replacement with many hub options. So keep filling that cart! If you need  advise or parts suggestions in order to complete this build option please contact us.

Powder coating: There is a wide range of colors in stock, if you need a custom color visit This option will have added cost, that is for any color we have on hand or you provide. Getting powder coating through us will add another week to your order as this is not an in-house operation. When you do order powder coat please make a note of what color you would like in check out. 

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 10 in