Rear Drive Subaru Subframe


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Rear drive frames will be shipped in no less than 2 weeks with a goal of under a week. If more time is needed we will be in contact and full refunds are not an issue. If you are in a rush and need your frame sooner please contact us, we hope to carry stock on hand though this is not a guarantee.

We have discontinued the hubs as they where causing problems there are still options DSS has the parts to finish your swap or you can get your own hubs turned down for cv swap. We hope offer a full rear knuckle with many hub options in the near future.

This product is running in many drift and V8 conversions cars and has proven itself well. Throughout the years we have been able to refine this frame. This will be the best rear drive product we have produced to date. All frames will require some welding to install. This will be two extra mounts on the top of the frame and a plate to sandwich the top of the frame to the chassis of the car, this mount prevents the diff from rotating in the car and keeps the nose of the diff stable as a T-bar is not needed in the product installation. This frame fits and works with stock gas tank making this product a fun option for a daily driven car. The Toyota Supra diff is one of the strongest diffs for the money, with limited slips and gear ratios that work with many Subaru AWD ratios. The Nissan R200 diff is also a great option as many in the rwd community are familiar with these diffs and have them laying around and more often than not they are strong enough to provide the necessary strength. The Nissan option uses the older R200 in S13, S14 and many skyline diffs but the rear cover needs to be s14 or skyline rear cover with two bolt covers.

Powdercoating; we hope to provide a wide range of colors and options for you. This option will add $100, that’s for any color we have on hand or you may provide it. Colors that take more than one coat will cost an additional $50 per added coat.


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 15 in