GD Rear Knuckles PREORDER


We have made several of these now and have refined our drawings to get them to the next level, We feel another entry level run will benefit us.

As we are a small company built off trust we are asking for your faith in us to build you a product from a preorder. This is for our rear knuckles

our hardest part is there are so many options in this full bore world of race cars and a one size fits all have been too hard to get all parts working in order.

This knuckle provides the ease of a removable bearing and 1.5 geometry correction.

So these 3 options

  1. GD knuckle 08+ STI hubs and sti brembo brakes a single caliper 2008 rear hub bearing for a track application and there will be a ABS sensor from the 2008 to hub

2. GD knuckle 350z/370z  hubs 322 rotor dual 2 piston caliper, this will be most drift applications.

3.GD knuckle Brz 5 on 100 with sti 5 on 100 rotor and subaru brembo caliper.

4. GD knuckle Rally we have decided to add a stock height rally addition this can use 5 on 100 hub from brz or 2008+ sti hubs we will be trying to find out best brake rotor caliper combo

this will include a built in scraper kit for your wheels

5. Custom you buy this and you need a different rotor custom fitted say 370z hub and grand touring rotor.  you will be contacted at order to discus the wanted desire

and if its going to ad some extra cash or alot of extra cash I’m guessing these two will get the job done. I know i will get alot of 5 on 100 but that would be a front hub

and abs and the smaller ear mount might prove to be alot more work than most going that rout would like.

Free shipping in the US

The production time will be as goes at the first 10 of 20 slots fill we will put in the order for the machined parts as they are not cheap at all and the first ten folded plates will be ordered.

if we don’t reach ten by  Jun 7th production will begin no matter.

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In house, TSSFAB designed rear knuckles. Sold as a pair


Additional information

Hub and brake combo

08+ STI hubs and brakes, 350z/370z hubs sport 322 rotor dual caliper, Brz 5 on 100 sti rotor and caliper, Rally, Custom