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You are purchasing a preorder slot for our one peace trans cross member.

Something we have been playing with for a long time is now going to get a real production run and quality control its needed from day one. With the one peace design came a lot of fitting complications and now has been resolved and would like to build the final Fixture to make this product exact every time, along with a handful of cnc laser cut parts this will be a must have mod for GC GD GR yes this will fit all gens!

This frame uses oem style trans mount as making bushing mounts and machining is an absorbent cost you don’t need to spend or already have and you just need to throw out those cheesy, heavy, lose fitting oem trans cross member. The one peace cross member is about half the weight of the original and I┬ádon’t think they have words for mow much more ridged. There are not options outside powder one fits all sti wrx lego Ect…


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