2JZ GC GD Front Swap Frame

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This frame is for RWD applications only.


This is our 2JZ Swap Front Subframe. It offers two motor mount settings for lower engine placement, requiring minor oil pan grinding. This frame adjusts your car's steering and arm mounts down by 1.5 inches, with front control arm mounts corrected by an additional inch to re-align closer to stock postion. A bump steer kit is neccessary even with this correction to achive proper steering geometry.


  • STI Brackets: Please specify your car's side drive, as our frames are handed.
  • Jack-Plate: Opt for our 3/16 6061 aluminum skid plate for added reinforcement and a convenient jack point. While not intended for rally use, this skid plate increases frame rigidity by connecting the front and rear sections.
  • Rear U-Frame Mount: All frames include a rear U-frame mount by default due to its strong, effective, and lightweight design, which contributes to the frame's overall performance.
  • Front U-Frame Mount (Optional): For those undertaking custom front bracing or V8 swaps, the front U-frame mount is optional. If using a factory fitting U-frame or replacement, the mount is necessary; however, for custom bracing projects, it may not be needed.


Powder coating: For custom colors, check out www.prismaticpowders.com. Getting powder coating through us will add another week to your order as this is not an in-house operation. If you choose a custom color, please make a note of what color you would like during check out.