LS V8 GC GD Front Swap Frame

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This frame is for RWD applications only. 


This is our GM Gen 4 LS Swap Front Subframe. It offers two motor mount settings for lower engine placement, requiring minor oil pan grinding. This frame adjusts your car's steering and arm mounts down by 2 inches, with front control arm mounts corrected by an additional inch to re-align closer to stock postion. A bump steer kit is neccessary even with this correction to achive proper steering geometry.

This kit comes with motor mounts, these mounts have a lot of adjustment to help you get your motor exactly where you want. A front sump aluminum pan will be required as there is limited room to clear the rack mounts so the motor can be seated as far down and back as possible. 


  • STI Brackets: Please specify your car's side drive, as our frames are handed.
  • Jack-Plate: Opt for our 3/16 6061 aluminum skid plate for added reinforcement and a convenient jack point. While not intended for rally use, this skid plate increases frame rigidity by connecting the front and rear sections.
  • Rear U-Frame Mount: All frames include a rear U-frame mount by default due to its strong, effective, and lightweight design, which contributes to the frame's overall performance.
  • Front U-Frame Mount (Optional): For those undertaking custom front bracing or V8 swaps, the front U-frame mount is optional. If using a factory fitting U-frame or replacement, the mount is necessary; however, for custom bracing projects, it may not be needed.

Powder coating: For custom colors, check out Getting powder coating through us will add another week to your order as this is not an in-house operation. If you choose a custom color, please make a note of what color you would like during check out.