Rear Subframe

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Rear Subaru Subframe, fits most models made from 1990-2007.

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Our rear frame transforms six oversized factory rubber bushings into solid mounting points for one of the lightest and stiffest upgrades on the market. Additionally, it provides extra mounting holes for your lateral links, enabling up to 1” of suspension geometry correction. These mounting holes remove the cam bolt adjuster for a more ridged frame making adjustable links mandatory.

The frame is offered with Poly rear bushings or solid com bearings, another option is the extra chassis mount adding a fifth solid mount to the center of the car. This mod is recommended for high horsepower or heavy launching applications.

Just the rear frame can be installed with a factory T-bar but we recommend the added weight savings and superior strength of our full rear kit together.

On track our set up will help you initiate corners latter and harder knowing the absolute limit of tire breakaway. During install we recommend a dry fit or if powder-coated use masking tape to protect coating and see if there are any interferences such as the gas tank. On many of the different Subaru tanks there will be interference on front upper link mount.

After fitting put all car mounting hardware in a few turns with anticize this includes pulling the studs on the differential and lose fitting it with our hardware. Finally tightening all the parts incrementally till fitted.

  • 4130 tubing though out with T45 mounting sockets
  • 3mm Strinx sheet metal 3 times stronger than mild steel
  • Cone washer mounting setup for easier install and solid mount
  • Average of 10 lbs lighter.
  • No cam bolt mounts/ Adjustable links required
  • Gas tank clearance required
  • Differential studs need to be removed.

Powder coating: For custom colors, check out Getting powder coating through us will add another week to your order as this is not an in-house operation. If you choose a custom color, please make a note of what color you would like during check out.